Wednesday, January 23, 2013

5th Grade Visits 9/11 Memorial

The National September 11 Memorial honors the 2,983 men, women, and children who perished in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2011 and February 26, 1993.  It commemorates the lives that were lost, recognizes the thousands who survived, and allows visitors to come together again in the spirit of unity that emerged in the wake of 9/11.

Ms. Wilson and Class 501 are greeted at the 9/11 Memorial.
Recently, 5th grade students donated nearly $200 to those effected by this tragedy as they visited this beautiful memorial and the Tribute Center located at the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan.  This trip ended their unit on people and characters that show courage.  Students were given information about the events that occurred that day through a guided tour of five different galleries that include photos, videos and objects.  Students even got an opportunity to meet a firefighter who helped bring people to safety the day the towers fell.  "I think my students go a good sense of what happened that day", said Ms. McLeod.  "And they were able to get a sense of the impact on families."

Special thanks to the 9/11 Tribute Center Staff for their organization, knowledge and care of our students as they learned more about this sad event.  For more information abut the 9/11 Memorial, click here.  To see a video showing what the 9/11 Tribute Center does, click here.


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