Friday, December 21, 2012

Native American Dance Celebration

The Girls Traditional Dance performed by Class 420 (photo taken by 5th grade photographer: Joel H.)

Candece Tarpley and Ms. Lennon.

Grade 4 students celebrated the rich history of the Native American People that they learned about during a ten-week Native American Dance Residency, led by Candace Tarpley.  Ms. Tarpley is a member of the Blackfoot and Tsalagi Nations and educated our fourth graders.  Students, instructed by Ms. Grimes (Technology Teacher), shared their Power Point presentations with an audience of students, teachers and parents about 'The Three Sisters'; a story used by Native Americans to explain a method of planting corns, beans and squash.

A special thanks to LOTUS Music & Dance Foundation for funding this program and Ms. Candece for sharing her culture with the boys and girls of The Duke Ellington School!  Click here for more information about LOTUS and click here for more information about Candece Tarpley!

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