Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Bad Game for the Wolves

Even though they have lost all of their games this year, The Duke Ellington Wolves are still looking forward to playing in the next game. "They have a good team, they just need to execute and limit their mistakes", says former PS4 parent and current game referee Ms. Brooks. The words were very encouraging to Coach Harris after a loss at PS28. The game was close with a score of 4-2 at half time. But once the second half started, the home team went on to prove why they are considered the best team in the league. There were some good moments by players like Carlos E. and Saul H. (point-guard).  But, by the time the game ended, The Wolves took the loss by a score of 23-7. "Don't worry though", says Coach Harris.  "The boys will be back stronger than ever!"

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