Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Jazz At PS4

Recently, first and second grade students were treated to Parlor Entertainment, a jazz band led by Marjorie Eliot.  She is a piano player who has been hosted a Jazz Salon in her Harlem living room for more than 20 years!  "I remember being here when this school first opened", says Ms. Eliot (pictured below with Ms. Hodge).  "I am so glad to be back so many years later.


Through a program called Jazz in the Schools, more than 40,000 public school children have been introduced live jazz and blues.  The one-hour concert provided an educational performance from living jazz legends who were able to share their individual histories and experiences with the boys and girls of PS4!  The program, funded by the Jazz Foundation of America, preserves the legacy of jazz and blues by introducing this music to thousands of public school children, many of whom have ever been exposed to it.  At the same time, it is actually preserving hundreds of the very pioneers who created it.   For more information about the Jazz Foundation, click here!

Special thanks to Marjorie Eliot and her band members for entertaining and educating our students and teachers.  We would also like to thanks Marianne Pillsbury, Jazz in the Schools Program Manager, for keeping jazz at PS4M/The Duke Ellington School.

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