Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The 2012-2013 Boys Basketball Team

Here are the members of the 2012-2013 Boy's Basketball Team!

Coach Harris with his new team!
Carlos H. (401)
Elijah C. (401)
Francis D. (401)
Derek G. (401)
Dave C. (402)
Wilmar W. (420)
Carlos E. (421)
Janel P. (501)
Julio R. (501)
Kedwin R. (501)
Saul H. (502)
Franly R. (502)
Isaia G. (502)
Jeremy R. (520)
Jose S. (521)

Coach Harris and PS4 Wolves took their annual trip to the Turn 2 Us Basketball clinic to meet their opponents and learn the rules and regulations of this year's basketball season. Hosted and organized by Dr. Montanez, Turn 2 Us Program Director, the clinic took place at PS 192/ 325 with all of the school's in the district present (except for PS173). There was a scrimmage, reciting of the rules and a meet and greet for the coaches and players. The emphasis was on being good sportsmen and good students. Both the boys and girls basketball teams from  PS4 that attended and were very happy to take the trip.  They are even more excited to start the season.

PS4 Boys Basketball Team (in burgundy) during a practice game.

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