Friday, October 12, 2012

Gardening Education At PS4

This fall we have an exciting collaboration between the Morris-Jumel Garden Education Program and the Morris-Jumel Mansion!  This years exciting program will allow PS4 students to have an 8-week engagement with the museum. The garden program introduces children to scientific based exploration outdoors along with historical connections within the Mansion.  Garden Educator Christina Ruiz, instructs the students each week.  "Students have been learning about plant uses and how they relate to the mansion and the people that lived in it", she says.  "PS4 students are definitely excited about visiting the garden and making observations using their senses".  Miss Christina, hopes to give students a better appreciation for green spaces that they may not have a lot of access to.  Students will participate in weekly activities handling plants and light gardening.   

Miss Christina with 4th grade students.
Students sorting seeds.
Sorting categories generated by students during a lesson.

Science teacher, Ms. Baez, will bring her 4th grade science classes to the gardens at the Morris-Jumel Mansion once each week until November 21st!  The program will enrich her science curriculum.  Special thanks to Garden Educator, Christina Ruiz and Education Coordinator, Carol Ward from the Morris-Jumel Mansion.  For more information about MJM, click here!  For more information about the gardening program, send an e-mail to

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