Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Innovate My Classroom

As part of a celebration of the last year of the 3-year Title III Grant that PS4 has been a part of since 2009, Mr. Nycz (co-teacher from class 320) was one of the 20 teacher-presenters at the "Innovate My Class" Workshop held at the Harlem Renaissance Technology Center!  He did a lesson on how to use Student Response Systems or "clickers", as students affectionately refer to them.  Richelle P., Monise F., Duly O., Anderson T., and Jake H. all joined Mr. Nycz at the workshop because they were excellent students throughout the year.  After the workshop, each of the five students discussed details of how the system works. 
Mr. Nycz presenting at Harlem Renaissance Technology Center.
Congressman Charles Rangel came to speak at the workshop and was able to witness Mr. Nycz and his students at work! "What are you doing and why are you using the clickers?", he asked the group. Though some of the students were shy, they each gave Congressman Rangel strong explanations. He was extremely impressed with the students from class 320 and was more than happy to take a picture with them to help celebrate their success.

Council Charles Rangel with Mr. Nycz and students from 320.

Congratulations to Mr. Nycz and his five technology experts!  Special thanks to Carolyn Semet from the Manhattan Office of Educational Technology for her support and expertise.  If you'd like to read Mr. Nycz's lesson, click here!

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