Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Healthy Habit of the Month: June

The Healthy Schools Healthy Families Healthy Habit of the Month is:

Limit your screen time to less than two hours a day!  Here's what you can do instead:
  • Exercise as a family by taking walks, riding bikes, or playing sports or active games together.
  • Do something active for at least 60 minutes each day.
  • Set up screen free play dates.
  • Read a book, listen to music, or encourage your kids to write a story, draw, or create an art project, if you need some quiet down-time. 
For more information on the benefits of limiting screen time, click here!

Special thanks to Rahel Biegel, Program Coordinator at NY Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center, for her many years of support with the Healthy Schools/Healthy Families Program at our school!  Because of her efforts, our school was recently awarded the Gold Award for Excellence in School Wellness from the Strategic Alliance for Health!  For more information on this award, click here!

Rahel pictured here with Nurse Frere

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