Saturday, April 21, 2012

Meet Our New Teacher

Ms. Polanco is the new teacher of the month! This is her first year as a para-professional teacher and she is really enjoying it."I like working with the children that I am with everyday", she says.   Ms. Polanco has had experiences that have prepared her for a career in teaching. "Before coming to PS4, I used to work with children." She also worked in Real Estate and is a married mother of two children.

When working with students one-on-one, she says that she likes to praise them by giving them treats such as stickers and small prizes that reward them for good behavior.   During a recent staff meeting, Ms. White (principal) praised Ms. Polanco for the work she has done with one student in particular.  "Ms. Polanco is a miracle worker", said Ms. White. "That student has made a lot of progress."

In the future, this first generation American (her family is from the Dominican Republic) plans on having her own classroom.  Welcome to PS4, Ms. Polanco!  You're a perfect addition to our staff.  Click here to see our most recent teacher of the month!

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