Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Math Bowl - 2012

The annual Math Bowl was held in the school's auditorium.
From April 25-27, 2012 students will be taking the NYS Math Exams.  In an effort to encourage students to use the skills they have learned during the course of the year, students in grades 3-5 attended and participated in our annual Math Bowl!  Teams of three students were selected by each teacher to compete.  Each team had 45 seconds to choose an answer to a math word problem.

Here are the list of participants:

  • Samson J., Elvis P. and Francesca M. (Class 301)
  • Anderson T.., Richelle P. and Monise F. (Class 320)
  • Arianis Z., Emma A. and Yasmely D. (Class 321)
  • Genesis C., Jayleen R. and Jenifer C. (Class 323)
  • Armando R., Derek G. and Francis D. (Class 324)
  • Jesus A., Lisbeth H. and Abigail C. (Class 401)
  • Wendy M., Jacelys S. and Mariluz J. (Class 420)
  • Andy T., Jaime P. and Eduardo B. (Class 421)
  • Elvis H., Eric R. and Daniel G. (Class 423)
  • Noelia A., Ariacelis E. and Jaritza E (Class 501)
  • Enrique G., Judany S. and Xiara R. (Class 520)
  • Joel G., Joenmy D. and Saely L. (Class 521)
  • Rose R., Byron M. and Jaden T. (Class 523)

For a great website that helps kids improve their math skills, click here!

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