Sunday, April 22, 2012

Double The Fun At PS4: Frankely and Saony

When you walk the halls of PS4, you may think you are seeing double. Don't are not. What you are actually seeing are some of the twins that attend The Duke Ellington School. The school now has nine sets of twins from kindergarten to the fifth grade!  Each month we'll feature a set of twins that go to our school!  This month, we're featuring a set of twins from kindergarten!

Kindergarten twins, Frankely and Saony.
Frankely and Saony C. are both in Mr. Cesani's class. Saony is the older twin and she says that she likes being a twin.  "It's nice", she says.  Frankely says that he runs faster her and likes to play with his toys.   Saony likes watching shows on The Disney Channel.  "Austin and Allie make me laugh." Click here to see episodes of Soany's favorite show!

These fraternal twins are in the same class, but most importantly Frankely and Saony say they like being twins because they like playing together.  On behalf of the teachers of PS4, we look forward to seeing you both continue to learn and grow.

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