Thursday, April 5, 2012

2012 ELA Bowl

3rd grade particpants with Ms. Martin
4th grade participants

Twenty-eight students were able to show their reading skills at PS4's annual ELA Bowl, just two weeks before the New York State English Language Arts Exams.  Each class from grades 3-5 was able to choose two representatives that would represent them on our auditoriums stage.  Teams were asked to answer questions after reading a short passage.  They needed to use their reading comprehension skills in order to get the correct answer.

Congratulations to the winners and all participants of the 2012 ELA  Bowl featuring the following students:
  • Franchesca M. and Sasha E. (Class 301)
  • Xavier P. and Richelle P. (Class 320)
  • Ariannis Z. and Yasmely D. (Class 321)
  • Angel V. and Yeilin R. (Class 323)
  • Nathalie P. and Jennifer A. (Class 324)
  • Adriana H, and Shawn T. (Class 401)
  • Ashley R. and Jeremy R. (Class 420)
  • Andy T. and Eduardo B. (Class 421)
  • Daly O. and Josianny G. (Class 423)
  • Jonathan R. and Freddy L. (Class 482)
  • Shirley V. and Ismael M. (Class 501)
  • Judany S. and Xiara R. (Class 520)
  • Jaden T. and Byron M. (Class 523)
  • Joenmy D. and Govaniel R. (Class 521)

5th grade participants

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