Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Word From Our Principal

Dear Parents,
This is the time of year when we make adjustments to our daily schedules.  Often we are not comfortable with the idea of change.  However, change is a reality of life and in order to grow as individuals and citizens of our community, we must learn to adapt to an environment that is constantly in transition.  Even the weather is in a constant state of adjustment.  One minute it is hot and the very next minute it is cold. 
Though we are not in control of the many changes in life, there are some situations in life that we can absolutely control; we can control our thinking and will ourselves to think positively about the future, we can control our responses to challenges and problems, and we can control or will and determination to succeed in order to make a better life for our children and families.
So, as we march toward spring, let’s put a little extra pep in our steps, hold our heads up just a little bit higher as we march towards victory for all of the coming seasons.

Delois White-Jones

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