Saturday, March 24, 2012

Double The Fun At PS4: Aracely and Yaritza

Aracely on the left and Yaritza on the right.
Each week we'll feature a set of twins that go to PS4!  Our school has nine sets of twins from kindergarten to the fifth grade! Most of them are identical, but some are fraternal. This week, we're featuring 5th grade fraternal twins, Arecely and Yaritza, both from class 501.  Click here to meet their teacher!

Aracely and Yaritza D. are fraternal twins, which means they were born at the same time but don't share the same facial features. These twins have attended PS4 since Kindergarten. When asked about the best part of being a twin, Aracely said, "the best part about being a twin is that I don't have to be an only child." Yaritza, who is an Art Club member, added that she likes being a twin and loves her sister.   The next time you see this set of twins, say hello!

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