Sunday, February 26, 2012

Haitian University Students Visit PS4

Mr. Theodore (center) with university students and professors from Haiti.
 A few weeks ago, ten university students and two professors from Haiti visited PS4 to learn more about education in America.  With the help of Mr. Theodore, who is also from Haiti, the students were given a given a chance to tour our school and speak with a few PS4 students and teachers in their classrooms.  "The teachers here are very knowledgeable and I am impressed with how the school is organized", said one Taris Lynn Audrery during the tour. "And I really like the Smartboards", added Professor Jean Claude Abraham.  Student Abraham UJean Claude Louikes said, "I can't find the words to explain the way that I felt appreciated at the school." 

On behalf of the administration, staff and students of The Duke Ellington School, thank you for visiting our school and we wish you all the best in your professional and personal goals.  We look forward to your next visit! For more information about the country of Haiti, click here.

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