Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Double The Fun At PS4: Rossy and Jessy

Fourth grade twins Rossy and Jessy B.
When you walk the halls of PS4, you may think you are seeing double. Don't worry...you are not. What you are actually seeing are some of the twins that attend The Duke Ellington School. The school now has nine sets of twins from kindergarten to the fifth grade! Most of them are identical, but there are some that are fraternal. With fraternal twins, even though they were born at the same time, the siblings do not look exactly alike and some sets are different genders!

Each week we'll feature a set of twins that go to our school!  This week, we're featuring twins from the Dominican Republic, Rossy and Jessy!

Rossy and Jessy are identical twins from Ms. Daniel's class (401).  They were also in the same class last year.  When asked, what is the one question that people always ask, Jessy said, "people ask my Mom how she knows which is which."  She goes on to explain that Rossy has a beauty mark on her forehead and a scar on her nose.  "Sometimes it's hard being a twin because people get us confused", says Jessy.  Rossy and Jessy are the first set of twins in their family.

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