Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bar Graphs and the Super Bowl

Ms. Torres, one of two teachers in class 420, is using the enthusiasm of the Super Bowl as a way to teach math skills .  "We are learning about bar graphs", she said, "and we are using the Super Bowl as a way to learn how to create bar graphs.  Students will be turning player statistics and the results of the school's blog poll question into bar graphs."  Jeremy R. can't wait to see all the bar graphs Ms. Torres plans to place on the hallway bulletin board.   "I think the Giants are going to win the Super Bowl", he says, "they're my idols".

For the NFL's website for kids, click here.  For more information on tally charts and bar graphs, click here to watch this FREE BrainPop Jr. video!  To make your own bar graphs, click here!

Ms. Torres with class 420

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