Thursday, November 10, 2011

Violence In Our Neighborhood

Since early October, a police officer has been stationed at the corner of 160th Street and Broadway.  This has been done by the New York City Police Department to address the increase of gang and gun violence taking place in our school's community.  To address the concerns for our students and parents that live near PS4, Dean Cantu and the administration wanted to make sure that we are all safe by inviting experts to talk to the Duke Ellington School community.

On October 27th, parents and students from 4th and 5th grade were invited to hear important information from members of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence.  This organization advocates for change by talking to teens and youth groups about gun violence problems and teach them solutions.  Did you know that 30,000 people are killed by guns every year in America?  We can solve the problem by saying something if we see a gun or gun violence in our community.  A special thanks goes to Jackie and Shawna from NYAGV for speaking to our parents and students about gun violence.  For more information about their organization, click here.

Assistant DA Rey Cabrera & Student Government

On November 9th, Assistant District Attorney Reynaldo Cabrera discussed ways that gangs try to get children to join gangs.  "If you are ever given a choice to join a gang or NOT to join a gang...choose NOT to join a gang", said Mr. Cabrera.  "Gang membership always ends in death or jail".   Mr. Cabrera reminded students that gang membership is not always obvious.  Hand signals, backpack designs, graffiti, and social networks make it easy for gangs to elicit young members.  He also spoke to members of our Student Government after the assembly and was impressed with the student leadership at PS4.  Special thanks to "Mr. Ray" and Community Affairs Coordinator, Joeselinne Minaya for speaking to the boys and girls of our school.  For more information on what the Crime Strategies Unit at the New York County District Attorney's Office does, click here.

If you or someone you know is being influenced by gangs, contact Mr. Cantu or any teacher.

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