Friday, November 18, 2011

Great American Smoke-Out with Micky Magic

On November 17th, the American Cancer Society marked the 36th annual Great American Smoke-Out!  It is a day that many smokers stop smoking.  Did you know that 4-7% of smokers are able to quit without any help?  Students and staff of PS4 learned ways they can help a smoker in their stop smoking.  They also celebrated this day by learning about the harmful effects of smoking from Master Magician and Smoking Cessation Counselor, Micky Magic.  "Students now really know how bad smoking really is", said 5th grade teacher Ms. Cabral, "it was a good show".

After the show, the students promised to remain healthy and teach others about this cancer causing habit.  Students and staff took their promise outside as they marched and rallied for the entire community to see and hear.  Special thanks to Micky Magic for a magical show!  His enthusiasm about putting an end to smoking in our community inspired all of us to talk to our friends and family about ways to stop the habit.

Micky Magic talks to 4th graders.

4th grade students march against smoking.
For more information about Micky Magic, click here.  Go to for more information about the harmful effects of smoking.

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