Saturday, October 8, 2011

PS4 Celebrates Walk to School Day

On Wednesday, October 5th, students all over the world celebrated Walk to School Day!  Children, parents, teachers and community leaders in all 50 states joined nearly 3 million walkers around the world to celebrate the second annual International Walk to School Day.  Whether your concern is safer and improved streets, healthier habits, or cleaner air, Walk to School Day events encourage a more walkable America — one community at a time.

Students in third grade celebrated by not only walking to school on that day, but joining FedEx volunteers as they walked through the Washington Heights community to our local Safety City location at 157th Street.  Safety City is a traffic safety program for school children that uses a simulated New York City street to teach children about traffic safety through hands-on experience. Monase, from class 320, walks to school every morning with her grandmother.  "She follows the rules and we wait for the light before we cross the street", she says, "we like to talk about school".  Third grade teachers look forward to this event every year!  Ms. Schwartz even brought her son to join in on the festivities!  "It's exciting", she said".

Ms. Thompson and class 301.
Mr. Nycz and class 320.

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