Sunday, October 23, 2011

1st Game of the Season

Congratulations to the members of our boys basketball team! Even though they lost by a score of 28 - 15, the boys of PS4 did show some signs of having a good season this year. Senior point-guard and newly named team captain, Armani R., showed great leadership on the court. 4th Grade forward, Dermont D., "filled the bucket" with 14 points, scoring all but one of the team's 15 points. "I really liked some of the things that I saw today on the court" said Coach Harris, "once we get our feet underneath us, we should be fine."

Throughout the game, The Wolves, PS4's new team mascot, showed great hustle and determination. But, the players from PS128 also knew what to do on the court and they got the victory in the end. "If we can stay disciplined on defense, execute on offense and play with maturity, then we will have no problems", said Coach Harris.  He thinks that once the team starts believing in one another, they will see great success. "Once they begin to trust each other and make the right plays, we will definitely see a turnaround." Although they did not win their first game of the season, they did their best.

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