Saturday, June 11, 2011

PS4's YMCA After-School Program Gets Ready

On Wednesday, June 15 at 4pm, boys and girls of PS4's YMCA After-School Program will celebrate the end of the 2010-2011 school year. They have invited parents to join them for an afternoon of merriment as they appreciate the beautiful work that the children have done. Refreshments will be served at this family gathering to celebrate the students' efforts and creativity. Program Coordinator, Ysabel Abreu is very thankful to have support from the parents of the students in the program. "It has been a great pleasure to work with the children, this school year", she says, "the generous participation and authentic concern for the learning of all children made us stronger and helped us serve the needs of each student in a more efficient manner. Justyn R. (from Ms. Sanchez's class) is very excited about the event! "It's a party for all of us", he says as he shows his drawing of a tiger.

PS4's YMCA After-School Program consists of nearly 40 students. In addition to supplementing what they have learned in school, they participate in interactive learning games that engage critical thinking skills, get assistance with their homework from trained YMCA staff, have a chance to socialize with each other, and form long-lasting friendships that enhance their development, growth and self-confidence.

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Ysabel Abreu said...

Thanks, P.S.04 Community, for opening your doors and hearts to us! It has been an honor to work with the children and to help in the beautiful labor of educating them.