Saturday, April 30, 2011

Boys Baseball Wins At Highbridge

PS4 defeated PS 192, 7-6 in their last at bat by a score of 7-6. Thanks to the work of the whole team. Raymond G. and Bryan R. made very important contributions to this winning game. PS 4's baseball team now has a 2-0 record. That means they have two victories and no losses. Starting pitcher Juan had five strikeouts as he battled the very good team of PS 192. Catcher Jean D. played a very tough game behind the plate and left fielder Alexander knocked a base hit to center field for The Mighty Dukes. Perhaps the key moment in the game was when relief pitcher and second baseman volunteered to pitch in relief and shut down the game for The Mighty Dukes. Even though he was not able to continue pitching the entire game, he was able to strike out the last batter in the inning. In the bottom of the fourth inning, hitter Bryan R. was able to get on base with a walk. Then Alexander knocked a base hit into center field and Bryan was on third base. A hit could and would end the game. That's just what Raymond G. did and he scored the winning run.

The team celebrated at home plate and congratulated Raymond when he came off the field. The PS 4 team was happy and after they shook hands with the tough team from PS 192, they walked off baseball field 1# at Highbridge-West Bronx Recreation Center victorious and headed back to the school. Congratulations to Coach Harris and the boys baseball team!

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