Sunday, March 6, 2011

Student Recyclers Keep Checking

Did you know that a seed takes about 20 years to grow into a tree, but takes less than ten minutes to be cut down and made into paper? Did you know that one tree can make about 700 paper grocery bags, which will be used up in less than an hour by a supermarket? Did you also know that by recycling one ton of paper, we can save 17 trees? Well, at PS4, a group of students are doing their part to make sure our school recycles.

On a daily basis, Recycling Monitors visit classes and collect all of the paper recycled by student in that class. Then they prepare a larger bin for our school's janitors to pick up at the end of the day. "We go to classrooms and if they did a good job, they get a check mark", says Dionely J. (class 520). Recycling monitors take recycling very seriously. "Sometimes classes forget to put tissues in the garbage", says 5th grade monitor Jenesis M. (class 502), "but, they try their best". Under the direction of Ms. Snoke (our expert recycler), our school has recently begun to collect bottles.

Click here to play a fun recycling game and click here for more recycling facts!


lsnoke said...

Awesome! I definitely played "Recycling Round Up" more than once! Our second and third-floor monitors do a great job too!

grabriel said...

Cool! I have also played the same game as Ms.Snoke said. Also, keep up the good work and keep cleaning the earth.