Monday, March 14, 2011

Parent Workshops: Budgeting Your Finances

On Friday, March 11, Parent-Coordinator Lucy Perez held another great workshop for parents of PS4. This workshop was led by an expert in the field of finances. She taught parents how to make their money go farther by managing finances, tracking what is spent, and using ways to save money. Keylis Sanchez, mother of twin boys in Ms. Capozzolli and Ms. Hodge's class, thought this workshops was helpful. "All this information can help you", she explains, "We all need to learn how to budget our money. I just cashed a check yesterday and it's already gone!"

Keylis Sanchez is one of many Parent-Volunteers at PS4. She's been supporting our school for three years and has no plans on stopping. "I like PS4", she says, "I'm learning a lot here". Thank you to all of the Parent-Volunteers who help to make this school great!

For more information about future workshops for parents, contact Lucy Perez by calling the main office at (212) 928-0739.

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