Thursday, March 31, 2011

One for Japan

The student members of PS4's National Honor Society and members of the Student Government Organization are raising money to help the thousands of victims of the earthquake in Japan. Please donate $1 to support our One for Japan campaign. All donations will be hand delivered to the Japan Society of NYC on April 15, 2011. Help us reach our goal of donating $1000.00.

This past Saturday, some members of The Ellington Poets Society were given a special art class led by Japanese poet and teacher, Emi Kikuchi. "Each class that donates to the One for Japan campaign will be given an origami crane", said Mr. Cantu. Origami cranes are Japanese symbols of friendship and peace. Feleesha J. (from class 402) felt proud to help. "I feel good helping out with what happened in Japan", she says. "I'm learning that any little thing can help". Origami cranes will be placed in our school's lobby and in each classroom.

For details about earthquakes, click here. For details about the earthquake/tsunami in Japan, click here or go to For more information about our One for Japan campaign, see Ms. Lennon or contact Mr. Cantu at

Update: $652 was delivered to the Japan Society of New York along with haikus written by students from the Ellington Poets Society. Thank you to all who donated.

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