Saturday, February 5, 2011

Celebrating Black History

Which great African-American do you most admire and why?

Rosa Parks
Duke Ellington
Langston Hughes
Jackie Robinson

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kenneth_p5 said...

I admire Langston Hughes Better than anybody else because i have heard a lot of his poems and they are really inspiring like my poem oppression.

Edison said...

I admire Duke Ellington because my school is named after him and i like his music.

Anonymous said...

I admire Duke Ellington because he is the person that my school is named by. Even though i never met him I think that he is a good person. I wish that I would have got to meet him in my life time.

Anonymous said...

I admire duke ellington because hes named after my school and his music is very good and he is a inspiring person

Anonymous said...

i admire duke ellinton beacause he is insparational to me of course