Thursday, January 6, 2011

Coach Keys: Man On A Mission

Coach Keys wants another championship! Those are before a crucial game between his team, The Mighty Dukes, and P.S. 92. "I think we have a good shot at making some noise in the playoffs." His players are feeling confident after a 28 -6 victory over P.S. 173 before the Holiday Break. But Coach Keys urges whoever roots for The Mighty Dukes not to get overconfident. 'The best team is P.S. 28" he says. "In order to beat them, we are going to have to play our "A" game. Anything less than that and we can forget it." But, this veteran coach is very confident that his team can win the next game being played on the home court. "We are good and definitely capable of winning the next game."


kenneth_p5 said...

That Week Against Ps 192 we got them out of the way now to get to the playoffs we have to beat P.s 173, P.s 325, And Ps 128.

zariel said...

super cool. (i hope they won)

yeni said...

good game guys........i hope the girls game is like that tommrrow ......../i wish we win but my bad we are gonna win because were the best,,,,