Friday, January 7, 2011

PS4 Parents Are Wonderful!

Do you recognize this beautiful smile? This is Lucy Perez! She is the Parent Coordinator and since September she is the person whose job it is to support the parents of students in our school. "Our parents are wonderful", says Lucy, "and they like to do things at PS4". Along with answering questions, Lucy organizes workshops and monthly meetings for parents.

The We Are New York Project organizes free conversation groups across New York City. With the help of volunteer language leaders and Mr. Polubiec (Assistant Principal), Lucy hosts these evening workshops that teach nearly twenty-five parents how to speak English. This program uses videos that show characters, which are English-Learners themselves, speaking English during important and realistic situations; like going to the doctor or visiting your child's teacher.

Our parent coordinator also hosts monthly workshops, held in the morning, that help parents and guardians of our students understand our school's academic policies and make use of the many resources available in our community. For more information about workshops and programs available at our school, you may contact Lucy by calling (212) 928-0739 or by e-mailing her at

Click here to see a video of the ESL Parent Graduation!


tommie said...

Good work

linett said...

I have noticed Lucy has done a very good job