Sunday, November 21, 2010

Student Government Members Support HSHF

Our Student Government has partnered with Columbia/New York Presbyterian Hospital's Healthy Schools-Healthy Families to support good eating habits! With a grant from Cabot Cheese, on November 10th nearly 240 parents were treated to a snack-tasting event including a variety of cheeses and seltzer water. Gift baskets were given to four lucky winners and simple recipes were handed out to all.

HSHF's mission is to utilize community partnerships to promote healthy lifestyles and identify and address unmet health and wellness needs in the entire school community. The organization's main goal is to cultivate a school culture which values physical activity and healthy eating. What better way to do that, than to have a healthy snack!

Thanks to our student leaders Alex R. (521), Gilani D. (401), Michelle G. (401), Seleny P. (501) and Franklin S. (501) for helping to run the event during Parent-Teacher Conferences. A very special thanks goes to Alexandra Groezinger from Cabot Creamery and Rahel Biegel, Education Coordinator for HSHF, for funding the event.