Friday, October 29, 2010

PS4 Hosts Annual Middle School Fair

On Thursday, October 28th, PS4 welcomed administrators and student-leaders from eight middle schools in District 6; including I.S. 52 and Mott Hall. From 6pm to 8pm, more than 100 students and parents from our 5th grade classes attended this annual event. Many students came prepared with questions for administrators of schools that they were interested in. Tommie M, from class 501, asked the following questions:
  • What different and new skills would we be learning at your school?
  • What kind of person will I be when I am done at your school?

“This event represents a major step towards our students’ future beyond our school, beyond middle school and even beyond high school" said Mr. Polubiec, Assistant Principal of the Wiiliam Shakespeare Academy at PS4. "Our students understand that the process they are going through right now, to choose a middle school that will match their goals, interests and personalities, is very similar to the process they will be going through when selecting their colleges. Since we are 'College bound and 21st century ready', this is very significant to all of us because we want our students to be thoughtful and proactive when making brave choices that will impact their lives in the years to come.” Ms. White, our principal, was very pleased with the amount of parents that attended the fair and attributes its success to Mr. Polubiec who organized this event.