Saturday, October 9, 2010

Meet Ms. Torres!

Meet Ms. Torres, the new teacher of Class 482! Ms. Torres is a New York City Teaching Fellow and has been teaching for two years. She comes from the Urban Institute of Mathematics, a Junior High School in The Bronx. Ms. Torres says she is happy to teach here at P.S. 4 because,
"I like the change and the challenge of teaching younger students."

Born and raised in Park Slope, Brooklyn, Ms. Torres is a former social worker who has worked with anti - gang task forces that try to get and keep children out of gangs. So working with children isn't that much of a drastic change for her. "I like this school, and I love my students." She says that when it comes to her goals for her students that there is one goal in particular that she wants them all to reach. "I want my students to be independent. I want them to be able to survive in the real world with street smarts and the academic world with book smarts." She hopes that the parents of her students can help her reach this goal. " I need parents to help them at home because it is very important for them to reinforce the lessons that I teach in school."

The only criticism that can be said of this bilingual teacher now living in Long Island is that she is getting married to a Red Sox fan. Working just a mile away from Yankee Stadium, she knows that can be dangerous, "I hope no one holds it against me." Welcome to PS4, Ms. Torres!