Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Disney Comes to PS4!

Led by teachers Mr. Allman, Ms. Snoke and Ms. Lennon, P.S. 4 was to perform a rendition of Disney's classic story, The Jungle Book in the auditorium On May 20th. The production starred several students including Sekou C. (Class 320), Adrian V (Class 420) and Gabriella D (Class 520). The cast sang songs and performed dances from Disney's popular story about a man cub raised by wolves who makes the journey to escape the tiger Shere Khan and then return to his village. The performance was admired by many, including members of Disney Enterprises. "It was a wonderful performance" said Lisa Mitchell, Disney Educational Coordinator. She was very impressed with the many English Lanuage Learners that were part of the cast. On Tuesday, June 15, the 20 members of the cast will travel to 42nd Street to perorm the song "I Wanna Be Like You" in front of five other schools. Congratulations to all of our young Broadway stars!