Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Word From Ms. White...

A quality education involves much more than the core curricula subjects such as math English, social studies, and science. Without a doubt, students must receive all of the subject areas to live and enjoy a productive life. However, we often speak of meeting the needs of the “whole child”; which include opportunities that will expand the child’s cultural, emotional, and social well-being. Therefore, the school day must be extended to include courses in music, art, sports, dance, drama, computer literacy, as well as other activities that serve to motivate, inspire, and enrich the learning experiences of each child.

As adults, we often think of extra-curricular activities as merely “play time” for children, but children learn other needed skills through play. They learn how to share, teamwork, tolerance, and the need to work with people different from ourselves. In addition, we learn self-control and how to operate the old principle, “together we stand, divided we fall”. As teachers, parents, and community outreach personnel, let us strive to provide as many enriching opportunities and experiences for our children to excel in the passion of their choice.