Saturday, April 24, 2010

Meet Mr. Nycz!

Mr. Brent Nycz is one of the new teachers here at P.S. 4 and The Duke Ellington Express caught up with him to ask about his past experience, his current view of teaching and any advice he may give to people following in his footsteps.

Why he believes he can help students: "I believe that having a teacher who has been through the special education ropes as a child themselves can only help that teacher relate to his or her students better. Since I was in special education, I feel I can not only relate better to my students on that route, but also help give them the opportunities of having a great education like I was able to get. I can only do my best to give them what they need."

What he has learned this year as a teacher in Class 320: " always try to do your best... and rest. I have not taken a day off because of being sick, which I absolutely attribute to getting enough rest."

Advice?: "I would say to establish good relationships with the co-workers you are with. To be honest, coming straight from walking the graduation stage in May to standing in front of a class in September, my head has been spinning and it still spins! It has been a crazy, exhausting year. However, I attribute my ability to (somehow) adjust to the craziness of teaching to the support and help I've gotten from my co-workers. From my co-teacher, Ms. Snoke, to the teachers on my floor to the clusters and out-of-classroom teachers, I have felt very supported and helped throughout this first year. Make those relationships with your co-workers, regardless of how small, and I believe things will go somewhat easier."

Welcome to The Duke Ellington School, Mr. Nycz!