Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Poetry Month!

I Run
by Adonis M. (Grade 5)

I run to the house
I run to the kitchen
I run to the barn and grab a chicken
I run to the hallway
I run to the basement
I run back upstairs and take a breathe in
I run to the school
I run to the lunchroom
I run to the yard and sit on a mushroom
But, that's not all I do with my feet
I also run to my bed then go to sleep

by Stacey P. (Grade 5)

I love playing and laughing
art and crafting

School is so fun
I can play in the sun

You have to be responsible
and lead the way

Because success and victory
save the day

Education and learning
Well, they're the same thing

So, prepared, be nice, share
And fair.

Flying Squirrels
by Sekou (Grade 3)

Flying squirrels can fly and glide
They jump
They thump
Flying squirrels don't run, but they can
They chew food a lot and have big eyes
They don't have hats
But, they do like bats
They have different colors
and live together