Friday, April 16, 2010

Class 520 Studies The Human Body With Dr. Hultgren

The boys and girls of class 520 have been learning about the human anatomy and preparing themselves for "surgery". That's right, thanks to the medical outreach program of Dr. Hultgren and the NYU/Bellevue Hospital, Class 520 is learned about medicine and how to be a physician. "It's great that they are being exposed to this type of stuff this early in their lives", said Mr. Wright, co - teacher of class 520. Ms. Schulman, who teaches with Mr. Wright, was just as satisfied with what the students were getting out of the program, "I like the way that they are engaged and paying real close attention to what they are being taught." The students have been taught about the heart, brain and lungs. They have even put together each of those body parts using Twizzlers, clay, and construction paper! 

"The reason why we are doing this is because we want them (the students) to be ready for their "surgery", said lead Doctor and teacher of the program, Dr. Hultgren. "I really like doing this. I enjoy working with children." Dr. Hultgren was a teacher before becoming an Emergency Room Doctor at Bellevue Hospital. On April, 30 at 9am, students were given certificates for their participation. If you missed the mock operation on channel 7 (ABC), click here to see it!