Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Meet Our New Teacher

Ms. Schulman came from a world much different than the other teachers the work at P.S. 4, "I used to work for MTV. I planned the MTV Video Music Awards and other events that millions of people have seen on national television" Ms. Schulman was born and raised on Long Island. While she works here, she also is attending Hunter College in pursuit of her Masters Degree in Education. What was the reason that caused her to enter the teaching profession? "I wanted new challenges. I thought that teaching would be a good way for me to challenge myself and the students that I teach." Ms. Schulman loves teaching even though she finds organizing difficult at times. "The toughest part of the job so far has been organizing papers, students' work and different memos that we get from the administration." Ms. Schulman currently works with Mr. Wright in class 520. She says he has been extremely helpful to her as she adjusts to her new line of work, "he's been great in helping me learn how to be a good teacher and work with all the different types of students that we have in our class." Welcome to PS4, Ms. Schulman!