Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The PS 4 Student Government Organization

Did you know that P.S. 4 has a student government? Our Student Government Organization includes Presidents and Vice Presidents from grades 4 and 5. At their Wednesday morning meetings, run by Ms. Lennon, the Student Government learns how to work together and come up with creative solutions for problems in the school.

Here are the members of our Student Government Organization:

Kenneth Pered-401 President
Carlos Delgado-401VP
Jordin De La Rosa-402 President
Elianny Reynoso-402 VP (secretary)
Loretta Casper-420 President
Hailey Gomez-420 VP
Jenesis Morel-421 President
Aaron Hernandez -421 VP
Yeremi Nunez-482 President
Juan Ramon-Torres-482 VP

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